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Real estate agent Scott Sanchez on how to be a competitive buyer

Today’s HousingWire Daily features a crossover episode from HousingWire’s Girlfunds. During the episode, Colorado Springs-based Real Estate Agent Scott Sanchez and Girlfunds host Brena Nath go through a list of Bankrate’s top home-buying questions and explain how to determine your total purchasing budget. 

The pair also discuss how much you should care about your potential future neighbors and examine what really goes into a home’s closing costs. 

For some background on the interview with Sanchez, here’s a snippet from the Girlfunds article:

After touching on the top home-buying questions, Scott Sanchez also talks about how to be a competitive buyer in today’s seller’s market, and his thoughts on the best way to start the home-buying process. 

Girlfunds’ takeaway tip from Scott Sanchez on the top home-buying questions:

I think a lot of people assume that they need 20% down. I cannot tell you how many people I sat down with, and they’re like, “Hey man, we wanted to call you two years ago, but we didn’t have the 20% down.” Man, I wish they would have called me two years ago because that same house has now appreciated 25%, or whatever. I just think so many people feel like they talk to an agent when they’re ready to buy, and I want to destroy that notion because you really should be talking to an agent when you first realize, “Oh yeah, I’m going to be a homeowner at some point.”

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