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MCT’s BAM Marketplace is a truly open loan exchange where buyers can bid regardless of approval status, and sellers receive automated live pricing from every buyer on the platform. Leveraging MCT’s patent-pending Security Spread Commitment, BAM Marketplace facilitates bids between unapproved counterparties, which ensures sellers receive more bids and better execution for their loans than anywhere else in the industry. This functionality is providing sellers unique access to a larger group of buyers and resulting in average pickups of almost 23 BPS over cover bids. This technology is resulting in a revolutionary new era of maximized liquidity, eliminated barriers and optimized execution.

  • 200+ sellers transacting in the marketplace
  • $7 billion has transacted between marketplace buyers and sellers to date.
  • Average Pickups of almost 23 bps over cover bids.

Sellers on BAM Marketplace are experiencing an average pickup of 36 bps on government production, 26 bps on conventional production, 52 bps on government with FICO under 660, 41 bps with a low loan amount (under $200k) and 59 bps on MFG

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