A look at Biden’s first week in office

This episode reviews last week’s inauguration of President Joe Biden, examining which housing issues the new administration has already taken action on.

Biden’s executive order will extend foreclosure moratorium

President Biden revealed his plan to sign 17 executive orders his first day in office, including am extension of the eviction and foreclosure moratorium to at least March 31.

How servicers continue to protect neighborhoods amid COVID

We spoke with MCS CEO Caroline Reaves about self-service technology, the shift to virtual and how servicers can prepare for post-COVID success by improving processes today.

HomeBridge’s Brian White on diversity at a practical level

HomeBridge's Brian “Woody” White discusses ways to increase diversity within the housing finance industry.

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ValueLink drives efficiency in the valuation process through a combination of automation, AI and analytics

ValueLink ensures that lenders can customize its platform to completely automate the valuation workflow

Valuations are one of the most important parts of the loan process, and often the most time-consuming as well. Appraisals that contain errors or aren’t delivered on time can cause delayed closings or, in some cases, result in the loan falling through altogether.

In an increasingly digital world customer expectations are on the rise. Streamlining the mortgage application process and reducing the time to close have become paramount. The industry is ripe for disruption and ValueLink is at the cusp of driving the next wave of innovation.

ValueLink offers customized valuation management solutions designed for lenders, appraisal management companies (AMCs) and appraisers. The solutions are designed to simplify order management by automating the process and reducing the touchpoints between various stakeholders, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Seamless integrations with the leading LOS platforms ensure that lenders can work in systems they are already familiar with, while Connect acts as a unified platform for valuation professionals who can respond to client requirements in real-time using the mobile apps.

With a network of 100-plus AMCs already using the ValueLink platform to manage their entire order workflow, lenders can engage them within minutes and start sending out orders.

Automation is the key driver for efficiency and ValueLink ensures that lenders can customize the platform to completely automate the valuation workflow.

Each step requires minimal human intervention and orders can be automatically assigned to the best vendor based on availability and geographic competence. Follow-ups are automated using the SmartAssist engine that also provides workflows designed to identify when to escalate an order and get a human involved.

“Our direct integrations with the leading LOS platforms provide lenders real-time visibility into the valuation process and the powerful reporting and analytics tools put important data at their fingertips.” said Aqil Ahmed, SVP Operations at ValueLink.

Underwriters can take full control of their review process using the proprietary CrossCheck tool and augment it with integrated offerings from partners. Real-time data validation ensures underwriters spend minimal time doing stare and compare reviews.

Built-in data analytics tools make it easy to take a deep dive into the order data and make faster decisions. Dissect the valuation data by geography, vendors or workflow stage and quickly identify what needs improvement. The reporting engine allows building real-time reports that can be scheduled for automated delivery.

The available APIs allow controlling order workflows from proprietary systems and use the data in ways best suited to your organization.

ValueLink has built the most powerful portfolio of valuation management tools and tied them together with industry leading platforms to bring a unified and frictionless experience to the valuation process. With innovation at its core, the company will continue to drive progress in the valuation space.

“Our company has been driving valuation innovation for a decade now and moving forward we will be utilizing AI and machine learning to speed up the valuation process while reducing costs and increasing operational efficiencies for our customers,” added Farrukh Omar, chief operating officer at ValueLink Software.

Farrukh Omar, COO

Farrukh Omar graduated from the University of Houston in 2002 and founded ValueLink Software in 2009. At ValueLink, Farrukh oversees all aspects of the operations, including product development, technology and infrastructure, with a passion to build products that are loved by ValueLink customers.

Aqil Ahmed, SVP Operations

Aqil Ahmed joined the ValueLink team in 2015. As senior vice president of operations, Aqil oversees the day-to-day operations and manages the sales and operations teams. He also oversees relationships with ValueLink’s largest customers and is directly involved in formulating the sales strategy integral to building the customer base at ValueLink.

Bill Omar, SVP Client Relations

Bill Omar joined ValueLink in early 2012. Since then, he has been involved with all aspects of operations at the company, from customer relations to the technology behind ValueLink products. As the senior vice president of client relations, Omar oversees the company’s support and onboarding teams.

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Biden’s executive order will extend foreclosure moratorium

President Biden plans to sign 17 executive orders his first day in office, including an extension of the eviction and foreclosure moratorium.

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