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Reggora connects mortgage lenders with their appraisal vendors to simplify the real estate appraisal process

With Reggora’s automation capabilities, users have reported saving up to 20 minutes per loan file

To handle today’s high demand, housing professionals need access to the best technology. But unfortunately, many are still using legacy systems that were developed years ago. Discovering the modern capabilities, user-friendly interface and extreme flexibility of Reggora’s software can be a total game changer for both lenders and appraisers.

Reggora is a SaaS platform that seamlessly connects mortgage lenders with their appraisal vendors. Lenders of all sizes benefit from Reggora, whether they manage their own panel of appraisers, work through an AMC or use a combination of both.

Appraisers on the Reggora platform gain access to free tools that eliminate the time spent on tedious tasks. They’ll receive orders from both current and new lenders, easily manage their business through free company management features, and improve overall transparency and organization.

For lenders, Reggora helps speed up and simplify all appraisal logistics, contributing to increased capacity and faster close times. Leveraging smart automation, configurable workflows, loan origination system (LOS) and mortgage point-of-sale (POS) integrations, Reggora helps users allocate orders efficiently, create flexible appraisal processes and prepare businesses for the future of valuation.

Reggora even offers a modern mobile app that allows housing professionals to stay plugged in regardless of where they are.

Reggora connects technology systems and streamlines the flow of information and data. By integrating with major LOS and POS, the SaaS serves a number of key stakeholders at each lender customer, including the appraisal desk, loan processors, underwriters, loan officers, the executive team and more.

With Reggora’s automation capabilities, users have reported saving up to 20 minutes per loan file and take advantage of ultimate configurability to match the unique needs of various roles, teams and branches.

Loan officers benefit from increased visibility with automatic status notifications and borrowers get a modern experience with things like easy payment processing. In addition, Reggora offers advanced data reporting capabilities through its GoodData partnership, allowing lenders to become more strategic in managing their appraisal operations.

Reggora is able to partner with any AMCs that lender customers work with. But the Reggora platform also includes functionality such as pipeline management, order allocation, automated notifications, and more, making it ideal for lenders managing their own panel of appraisal vendors.

Prior to founding Reggora, Brian Zitin and Will Denslow launched a successful real estate brokerage firm, which was their first introduction into the industry. During that experience, they were exposed to the challenges and shortcomings of the appraisal and valuation process and set out on a mission to transform it.

As a true technology company, Reggora is building a modern platform that’s paving the way for the future of appraisal and valuation. Reggora has a vision for the future and thrives in hyper-growth to be able to respond to the changing needs of customers based on the ever-changing market.

Product Snapshot: Reggora is a modern appraisal technology company that provides two-sided software to streamline the appraisal process between mortgage lenders and real estate appraisers.

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