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Radian’s valuation services leverage large-scale data to accurately price virtually any home in the country

Red Bell’s automated valuation solutions leverage large-scale data from over 400 MLS’s, covering over 90% of the U.S.

To effectively complete the valuation process, lenders and mortgage companies need access to accurate data. Radian’s Red Bell subsidiary offers two valuation services powered by real estate data and cutting-edge proprietary technology, to help lenders and other real estate professionals make decisions quickly and confidently: Radian Automated Valuation Model (AVM) and Radian Interactive Value (RIV).

Red Bell’s automated valuation solutions leverage large-scale data from over 400 MLS’s, covering over 90% of the U.S., and use sophisticated analytics to quickly and accurately price virtually any single-family property in the country. Each service is uniquely suited to a variety of use cases.

The Radian AVM leverages Red Bell’s data set and advanced modeling to accurately price almost any single-family property on-demand. The Radian AVM is independently tested and approved by Fitch Ratings as an approved supplier of AVMs for residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) transactions. 

“The Radian AVM offers speed and accuracy that makes it an indispensable tool for use cases such as bulk portfolio valuation and HELOC decisioning,” said Red Bell Real Estate SVP, Kade Clark. 

Radian Interactive Value also incorporates Red Bell’s data set in an interactive format that can be accessed from any device. The RIV is based on community-specific data that provides a tailored, in-depth analysis of a particular property, as well as the rental environment surrounding it to help clients perform expert property-specific analysis, without the need for a valuation professional to physically visit the property. 

“With up-to-date photos, mapping and satellite imagery, property histories and additional data, RIV gives clients the information they need to make informed decisions about property condition, property price and the most relevant comparables,” Radian’s SVP of Valuations Services Operations, Katie Brewer said. 

Both the Radian Automated Valuation Model (AVM) and Radian Interactive Value (RIV) are used by clients in the mortgage and real estate industry. When deciding between the two, clients can choose the service that best fits their unique needs.

“If users are looking to review their entire portfolio value or make a quick decision on a HELOC for example, we would recommend the AVM,” Clark said. “For a more interactive experience that gives the user control to review property details and comparables for instances such as valuation rebuttals or setting a listing price for an individual home, the RIV is the best option in the marketplace.” 

In addition to providing comprehensive data and analysis, Radian and its subsidiary companies also work with an extensive list of tech partners to ensure clients can streamline their workflows.

“Clients choose us for the speed, accuracy and coverage of the solutions we offer, but providing an excellent user experience is also very important to us. In addition to redesigning several of our services last year, in the coming months we will be unveiling a newly designed Radian AVM that will enhance the experience for our customers,” Brewer said. 


Kade Clark, SVP Red Bell Real Estate, LLC (“Red Bell”), a Radian company

Kade Clark is responsible for the daily business operations of Red Bell as well as the technology solutions and data management with the Real Estate Valuation Services division of Radian.


Katie Brewer, SVP Valuations Services Operations 

Katie Brewer leads Radian’s Valuation Services Operations Team. She defines and creates innovative approaches to property valuation in order to ensure quick delivery, optimal quality and client satisfaction for all valuation services.

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