True Stories: Hybrid, eNote and RON Implementation

Join expert panelists that will discuss the status of federal legislation, trends in digital adoption and how best to prepare your organization for the next generation of lending processes.

Logan Mohtashami talks jobs report, mortgage forbearance

Lead Analyst Logan Mohtashami discusses his recent article on the latest jobs report and the most likely impact on the housing market and mortgage forbearance.

UWM has a plan to win a war of mortgage attrition

UWM's margins will fall all the way down to 75 to 110 bps. Mat Ishbia says it's the perfect environment to prove that his mortgage firm is truly elite.

Lunch & Learn about underserved markets and affordable housing

Experts in this discussion will focus on how the mortgage industry is working to right previous wrongs and champion a housing market that serves all.

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Nationwide Appraisal Network’s valuation solutions provide lenders with the assurance of performance-based appraiser selection

NAN combines technology with common sense to modernize the appraisal process

With an increased demand for appraisals across the country, the need for efficiency during the appraisal process is greater than ever. Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN) is an industry-leading appraisal management company providing residential and commercial valuation services in all 50 states.

NAN’s advanced data and predictive analytics provide lenders with a suite of valuation solutions that help streamline the appraisal process from start to finish, and stakeholders in this industry seek out AMCs who are at the forefront of innovation. NAN provides them with the confidence they deserve by offering a combination of technological innovation and common-sense efficiencies, which add up to a true competitive advantage for its lender/broker partners. 

NAN’s valuation solutions give lenders the competitive advantage of having every order assigned to the best possible appraiser based on the quality and performance of their work specific to the local market.

“It’s one thing to be able to leverage technology to optimize the selection of appraisers for the best possible outcome, but to consistently raise the bar on turn times and communication to create a flawless customer experience every time – that’s what sets us apart,” said Joni Pilgrim, Chief Executive Officer. “We work to modernize the way appraisal management companies provide valuation services through innovation, transparency, accountability and world-class service.“ 

From a regulatory standpoint, this suite of solutions ensures compliance with federal and state guidelines. In terms of performance, it decreases turn times, while increasing appraisal quality and reliability at the same time. By removing subjectivity from appraiser selection and replacing it with a transparent, objective approach, NAN improves the quality and performance of the appraisal process. 

“It’s in our DNA to always be on the forefront of technology, and our usage of advanced data and analytics, along with performance-based appraiser incentives, has not only allowed us to raise the bar on turn times and report quality but allows our clients to truly hold us accountable and review our performance in real-time,” said Steve Sussman, Chief Business Development Officer.

NAN’s predictive analytics allows files to be assigned to the best performing appraisers in each market based on thousands of data points. By leveraging KPIs for all local market appraisers, appraisers are dynamically scored in real-time, and NAN seeks the highest-scoring appraiser for each assignment. 

“What differentiates us can differentiate our lending partners too. It’s the difference between a regular AMC and a ‘smart’ AMC,” said Cari Pinkert, Chief Information Officer. “We listen to our clients, and we pivot quickly. By investing in business intelligence tools, NAN transforms appraiser selection and increased efficiencies for lenders.” 

The technology utilized ensures a compliant method of selection based on past performance and predictive analytics, and NAN’s concierge approach to service allows them to combine that data-driven approach with a genuinely human touch. The result is a seamless experience for the broker/lender community, where appraisals are completed with urgency and efficiency, without sacrificing quality or customer experience.

“Our lender partners are always in the know and can focus on what really matters, which is closing loans. What we do as a leading national AMC provides our clients and their borrowers peace of mind,” said Sussman. “They can close confidently, knowing the best lending decision was made for the biggest investment of their life because we were able to ensure a top-quality appraisal report completed by the most qualified appraiser for the job.”


Joni Pilgrim, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NAN

Joni Pilgrim oversees all day-to-day operations and executes on NAN’s vision and mission to revolutionize the way appraisal management companies operate by putting automated processes in place that maximize efficiencies for their lender and broker partners.


Steve Sussman, Chief Business Development Officer at NAN, 

Steve Sussman develops and fosters long-term relationships with new and existing clients, and takes the necessary time to understand their challenges to offer solutions that eliminate them. Sussman is responsible for increasing NAN’s market share as well as ensuring the needs of existing clients are met and their expectations are exceeded. 


Cari Pinkert, Founder and Chief Information Officer

Cari Pinkert is responsible for optimizing and managing the overall operation of NAN’s IT department and the technology development, both internally-facing and externally-facing systems, in support of the delivery of high-quality appraisals, flawless customer service, and fast turn times.

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