Equator is prepping for the 2012 launch of a new software system called REvolution that allows real estate agents to manage distressed and traditional properties from a single platform. The company said the software gives agents enough flexibility to automate their daily workflow cycles from a single portal, removing the need for agents to employ more than one software system to handle various asset types and sales functions. "It is the first application that does everything for the agent well," Equator CEO Chris Saitta said. "What we have heard from real estate agents is right now they are using multiple software programs. We're putting everything together in one system that handles all of their day-to-day automation and connects them to everyone they work with." REvolution allows agents to connect with brokers, other agents, vendors, title companies and other businesses they connect with daily. "They have the ability to change their workflow if they decide they want to handle their traditional properties differently," Saitta said. The software also provides support for various tasks, including property management and lead-generation management as well as marketing. Real estate agents will be able to store photos and files throughout the system, while also managing their calendars and public websites. Equator is developing the system now and expects to launch it next year. Saitta said the software comes at a time when roughly 30% to 40% of the nation's real estate assets are classified as distressed. Write to Kerri Panchuk.