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Computershare Valuation Services improves quality control of valuation photo reviews with AI and machine learning

Computershare's appraisal review suite of products includes AppraisalXpress, AppraisalX and AppraisalXPro

Computershare Valuation Services’ robust suite of products and services includes appraisals, evaluations, hybrid appraisals, broker price opinions, reconciliations and reviews, inspections, data and analytics, and more. The company delivers innovative industry leading solutions by relying on industry-accepted best practices as well as cutting-edge technology.

Computershare’s appraisal product suite includes AppraisalXpress, desktop appraisal with exterior site inspection by a local inspector, AppraisalX, which is a desktop appraisal with exterior or interior site inspection by a local real estate professional, and AppraisalXPro, a desktop appraisal with site inspection by a local appraiser.

The company also offers an Appraisal Review Suite, including Investment Property Analysis (IPA), Appraisal Risk Analysis (ARA), and are looking into adding an Appraisal Risk Analysis with Inspection (ARAView).

The appraisal review suite of products gives users transparency of collateral throughout the loan’s lifespan.

One of Computershare’s soon to be released additions to its suite of valuation solutions is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the review of photos within its reports.

Traditionally, the photos included in valuation reports are reviewed for quality by a human reviewer. While this provides a basic level of quality control oversight, the use of AI for photo review enhances quality and provides a scalable solution, far past what any human reviewer can provide.

Using AI to review valuation report photos allows Computershare’s technology to do things such as identify whether a photo has been used in previous reports, detect if the photo is an original versus a photo of a photo, and take note of deferred maintenance, among other tasks that allow the solutions to deliver high quality valuation reports.

“The use of AI technology will significantly impact the valuations industry across all market segments”, said Tony Pistilli, senior vice president and chief appraiser at Computershare. “For example, in mortgage servicing, the technology can be used to identify any deferred maintenance, even down to small details like whether the lawn needs to be mowed.”

Implementing AI and ML technology across its suite of valuation products allows Computershare to deliver higher quality and more consistency in its valuation products, leading to reduced risk for lenders, servicers and investors who use its products.

Computershare is also in the late stages of development with several other products, including EvaluationX, Valuation Credibility Analysis (VCA), Collateral Underwriter Review (CURE), Hybrid Broker Price Opinion (BPO) and Regulatory Compliance Review (RCR).

Computershare valuation products provide a higher quality valuation the first time, meaning lenders and investors can make decisions with confidence, leading to faster turn times overall and reducing risk in the process after the loan has closed or sold.

“Computershare offers the counterparty strength of a risk-aware organization that provides the certainty that our clients need. Along with providing high-quality valuation products and services, we put an emphasis on the client experience and making it easy to do business with us,” said Chris McLain, senior vice president of valuation services.

“The combination of a large, financially stable company along with the client experience and high-touch approach is something our clients love.”

Chris McLain, SVP, Valuation Services

As senior vice president of valuation services for Computershare Loan Services, Chris McLain co-heads the valuation business, where he oversees all business-related functions. He is a valuation industry expert who has held various roles in the industry during the last 15-plus years. McLain is a graduate of the University of Florida and an Army veteran.

Tony Pistilli, SVP, Chief Appraiser

As senior vice president and chief appraiser, Tony Pistilli co-heads the valuation business, where he oversees all valuation operations and compliance, and valuation strategy and innovation functions. He has 30-plus years of experience in appraising and lending and is an AQB Certified USPAP instructor. He also holds a certified residential appraisers license.

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