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Clear Capital’s new desktop appraisal solutions support appraisers in meeting new GSE guidelines

These desktop appraisal solutions use robust property data collected by Clear Capital’s seasoned real estate broker panel

In February 2022, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac added 1004 Desktop/70D Appraisal products to their Selling Guide for new purchase loans.

“The expected benefits of desktop appraisals — faster turn times and less friction for the borrower — are a much-needed piece of good news for a highly competitive market,” said Kenon Chen, executive vice president of corporate strategy at Clear Capital. “However, for lenders to take advantage of these benefits on behalf of their customers, they need to navigate new GSE requirements, such as ensuring appraisers have access to a digital floor plan.”

To support lenders and appraisers in meeting these new desktop appraisal guidelines, Clear Capital has developed two new desktop appraisal solutions, Desktop Appraisal and Desktop Data Collection, which launched April 5. For appraisers and loan originators, Clear Capital’s Desktop Data Collection assembles the trustworthy property data needed to confidently complete a GSE-compliant desktop appraisal.

Additionally, these solutions will assist with appraiser capacity concerns and reduce appraisal turnaround time while allowing appraisers to remain a vital component of the loan collateral process.

Clear Capital’s desktop appraisal solutions offer an easy way to obtain property information by pairing seasoned brokers and appraisers with innovative mobile phone technology, ClearInsight and CubiCasa. ClearInsight and CubiCasa have revolutionized property data collection for remote valuations — state-credentialed appraisers and trained property data collectors can capture the detailed property data needed for a desktop appraisal using
just a mobile phone.

Within these desktop appraisal solutions, users can capture photos with ClearInsight and generate high-fidelity floor plans with interior walls and an ANSI aligned digital GLA with CubiCasa to help appraisers complete a Desktop Appraisal. Floor plans with interior walls are a requirement for GSE-compliant desktop appraisals, and CubiCasa and ClearInsight are the only solutions on the market that can execute these using a mobile phone.

“Through digitizing the property, enabling new workforces through mobile technology and using AI models, we are executing the GSE’s vision of a modernized risk-based appraisal process,” CEO Duane Andrews said.

These desktop appraisal solutions use robust property data collected by Clear Capital’s seasoned real estate broker panel and offer an easy way to obtain property information.

Using Clear Capital’s desktop appraisal solutions, desktop appraisals can be completed up to 50% faster than a traditional appraisal, with a similar risk performance as compared to traditional appraisals.

“What makes Clear Capital’s product and approach so valuable is that we can give lenders complete confidence that ordering a Desktop Appraisal will have a successful result,” Chen said. “With our nationwide network of certified data collectors using the one-of-a-kind CubiCasa automated floor plan app and our extensive property data set, we can obtain floor plans on demand, fueling completion of desktop appraisals and enabling a lender’s panel of appraisers to complete desktop appraisals as well. Our technology, data and nationwide coverage of data collectors provide a seamless transition for lenders looking to unlock the benefits of desktop appraisals.”


Duane Andrews, CEO, Clear Capital

As CEO, Duane’s people-centric focus and passion for the mortgage industry has built
Clear Capital into a leader of valuations and real estate analytics providing valuable services to nearly all top 100 U.S. lenders and nearly every mortgage investor.


Kenon Chen, Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy

As head of corporate strategy, Kenon guides Clear Capital’s growth, ensures Clear Capital delivers consistent, long-term value for customers and partners, and develops intuitive solutions that have transformed the valuation space.

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