Top markets for affordable renovated housing inventory

Despite the rapidly deteriorating affordability, there is some hope for homebuyers in the form of renovated homes: properties that have been rehabbed into move-in ready condition after being purchased at auction.

HousingWire Magazine: December 2021/ January 2022

AS WE ENTER A NEW YEAR, let’s look at some of the events that we can look forward to in 2022. But what about what’s next for the housing industry?

Back to the Future of Mortgage Lending

This webinar will be a discussion on understanding what’s to come in the future of mortgage lending by analyzing past trends in the industry, evolving consumer behaviors and demographics of the industry’s production capacity.

Logan Mohtashami on Omicron and pending home sales

In this episode of HousingWire Daily, Logan Mohtashami discusses how the new COVID variant, Omicron, will impact inflation and whether or not it will send mortgage rates lower.

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TurboTenant automates the process of managing rental tenants

Streamlined solutions free up landlords and property managers

One of the biggest pain points of owning or managing rental property is the never-ending task of finding, screening and approving new tenants. It’s a cyclical business, so turnover is natural, but vacancies represent a real risk of lost income and have to be handled quickly and efficiently. This is even more critical for part-time landlords, who can’t drop what they’re doing to post ads, take applications or do individual screening.

Fortunately, TurboTenant provides automation for some of the most difficult parts of rental management, including marketing and lead gen, online rental application, tenant screening, renter’s insurance, lease management, and electronic signatures. By bringing all of these different functions together in one place, TurboTenant makes it easy for landlords and property managers to handle all of their essential job functions.

TurboTenant automation includes:

Rental marketing

Rental marketing requires a comprehensive approach that includes everything from a digital presence on the most popular rental sites to physical assets like flyers and a “For Rent” sign.

The first step is posting your property on TurboTenant’s eye-catching listing page, which entices renters with photos, a description and a list of amenities. Once your property is listed, you can share out to social channels with one click and instantly advertise on dozens of rental listing websites like and

Then the real magic happens. TurboTenant can ask each person visiting the listing page or your ads about their move-in date, household size, employment, and even pets, generating and tracking high-quality leads you can easily reach out to. Instead of wasting time chasing down potential contacts only to find they aren’t ready to rent in the near-term or have five dogs, you can connect with renters who are most likely to sign a lease for your specific property.

Online rental application

Renters are used to Amazon-like efficiency, and TurboTenant lets you meet their expectations with a mobile-friendly rental application that can be filled out 24/7 from any device. Renters can take a picture of their important documents, which are instantly uploaded to their application, saving them from having to find a fax machine or drop off papers in person.

The online rental application covers all standard questions but can also be customized to fit your specific property or renting requirements. One of the most time-saving functions of the online application is the automatic references feature, which instantly reaches out to past landlords to get a rental history of the applicant, including whether they paid on time or violated a lease. 

Tenant screening

One of the frequent “black holes” in rental management is the screening process, which can eat up precious time using a manual process, frustrating potential renters and delaying the date they start paying rent.

By partnering with TransUnion, TurboTenant smooths the process with a report that lists not just their credit score, but any criminal history, past evictions, outstanding loans and more. However, that quality doesn’t come at the cost of speed. Once renters approve the screening request as part of their application, you get the report back instantly. In addition, the credit report only counts as a soft credit inquiry, making it painless for the renter and saving landlords the hassle of complying with extensive hard-pull regulations.

Forms and documents

Making sure you have every form you need is a daunting task, especially if you are renting properties in more than one state. TurboTenant offers more than 45 essential rental forms and has partnered with LawDepot to provide state-specific leases.

TurboTenant extends its automation through the rental process, with an electronic signature feature that makes it simple to send and receive documents, even following up with automated reminders.

All of the automation TurboTenant provides has a double benefit — making the rental process experience better for both landlords and renters. The same online app that makes it easy for renters to apply and upload documents anytime, anywhere also frees you from set hours or the confines of a desk. Quick screening means the renter gets a fast answer, while you can ensure safety and gain peace of mind. The result is less hassle and more opportunity.

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