As CTO at fintech hybrid PromonTech, Michael Kolbrener is the driving force behind the company’s product development.

With a mission to solve complex challenges for mortgage lenders, PromonTech launched Borrower Wallet in 2017. The point-of-sale platform creates a Vanguard logoshared workspace for lenders and borrowers, facilitating faster and more precise communication.

Michael KolbrenerIn September, Kolbrener’s team debuted its latest offering, IncomeAI, an advanced income calculation engine that gathers data captured through Borrower Wallet and applies it to industry-standard formulas to calculate income.

IncomeAI calculates more than 60 income types, including self-employed income, rental income from investment properties and even complex income types tied to assets such as asset-depletion or 401(k). PromonTech estimates it can save lenders up to 20% in underwriting time and costs.

In his work to create innovative solutions for mortgage lenders, Kolbrener createe a transparent, efficient and digital experience for all parties involved in the mortgage process. His ultimate goal is to design technology that lenders and consumers can use to engage in faster, less expensive and higher-quality mortgage transactions.

In his 20-year career, Kolbrener held executive IT roles at various technology consulting firms, where he helped develop and manage tech solutions for different facets of the lending space.

As CTO, Kolbrener is inspired by Bill Bradley’s quote: “Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.”

What one habit has made a crucial difference in your success?

“Taking risks. The most exciting and challenging technology solutions contain myriad risks. I’ve made a habit of taking on significant risks to build better technology, businesses and relationships.”