Jason Bressler was hired as United Wholesale Mortgage’s first-ever Chief Technology Officer in 2016.

Bressler currently leads a team of more than 450 IT members  focused on delivering partnership tools for mortgage brokers.Vanguard logo

Jason BresslerUnlike most lenders, UWM’s Information Technology team is completely in-house. Bressler and the IT team understand exactly what it is they’re building and how they’re building it.

Bressler has a personal mantra to keep him motivated: “Never Settle. Never Stop.”

“It’s a driving force around how we’ve been able to staff up and produce at such a high velocity since I’ve started. It’s easy to say things are really good and take a step back. But I really believe that as soon as we hit milestones we didn’t think were even achievable at the onset, we should celebrate that and then keep moving upward without settling for what we did as being “good enough,” he said.

Bressler oversaw the rollout of innovative proprietary tools that proved to be a difference-maker in the industry, including:

UClose 2.0 - a revolutionary tool that gives mortgage brokers control over the closing transaction and enables on-the-spot closings. This is the first time that mortgage brokers don’t have to wait in a queue for a closer, but can still work with a closer if they choose to.

One-Click AUS – With One-Click AUS, brokers instantly get a side-by-side comparison of DU and LP with one click of a button. This gives brokers the entire picture, allowing them to choose the option that has the best terms for their borrowers.

What has been your secret to success?

“The secret to my success is communication and active listening. Being in technology in the mortgage industry, I always want to stay so far ahead of the curve from our competitors while still satisfying our clients’ needs. The only way to do that is by recognizing that the best ideas typically come from your clients.”