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Roostify announces a new design system that goes beyond a design refresh

Roostify Atomic provides a consistent framework for each element of the company's platform

Digital is more important than ever to the mortgage industry, as tech-savvy consumers demand a smoother mortgage experience. Understanding the importance of the user experience for lenders and the end consumer, Roostify has launched a new design system, Roostify Atomic, for their online platform.

This change isn’t just a design refresh. Although Roostify Atomic does include a visual UI update, more importantly, Roostify now has a modern, unified system that governs how the product is designed and ensures visual and functional consistency throughout the platform. Roostify Atomic provides a system of guidelines for everything from button styles and iconography to how much space a particular element should take up, which ensure any new components will integrate well with the pre-existing system. This will allow faster, cleaner iteration for the Roostify platform.

In building the new system, the Roostify design team conducted extensive user research that included client interviews and feedback. From the very beginning, Atomic was designed to help solve problems for both consumers and lending team users, with consumer accessibility and ADA compliance top of mind.

The system was created with future-proofing in mind and is deliberately designed for a lender’s flexibility, allowing smooth adaptions to their Roostify solution if any business needs should change. Clients can easily configure their own brand experience so when a consumer utilizes Roostify’s platform, they see their lender’s brand – expanding a lender’s audience.

Roostify Atomic’s enhanced user experience encourages greater adoption among both consumers and the lending team, increasing the return on the lender’s investment.

As for the borrower, a clean and well-organized experience helps reduce homebuyers’ anxiety and increase consumer confidence. Designed specifically with mobile users in mind, the simplicity of Atomic increases the speed at which a borrower can go through the application process.

HousingWire sat down with Rajesh Bhat, co-founder and CEO at Roostify, to talk about how Roostify Atomic helps lenders while also meeting consumer needs.

As Bhat explains, a design system is a more in-depth undertaking than a simple visual refresh, but ultimately more rewarding. Roostify Atomic helps create a consistently simple, well-organized experience to help consumers confidently navigate the biggest transaction of their lives.

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