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BRAWL founder thanks brokers, lenders that made movement a hit

Anthony Casa began the BRAWL movement to implement change in whole-tail lending

To commemorate the one-year mark of the BRAWL movement, I wanted to thank all of mortgage brokers and wholesale lenders that have helped BRAWL create impactful change in the mortgage industry.

What a year it has been!

Thank you to the mortgage brokers around the country that dug in their heels alongside me, spoke up and fought for the overall good of the mortgage broker channel.

BRAWL has given mortgage brokers a real voice in the industry – one that can’t be ignored. The movement sparked meaningful change that has helped mortgage brokers grow their business. It started professional dialogue between brokers and wholesale lenders that, in many cases, has led to mutually beneficial solutions and working partnerships that are stronger than they were previously.

I didn’t start BRAWL thinking it would be a full-fledged movement. I just wanted to do something to draw attention to the negative things that lenders were doing, and make it stop. Whole-tail lending had been going on for years, but all mortgage brokers could essentially do was complain about it with each other – but that doesn’t solve anything. I wanted to solve the whole-tail lending problem. I had the motivation, I just needed help turning my vision into action.

Thank you to all the wholesale mortgage lenders that were willing, not only to listen to the criticism that mortgage brokers had, but to effectively implement change within their organizations.

Over 20 wholesale lenders have changed policies to be more broker-friendly in conjunction with BRAWL. These lenders have helped make the wholesale channel a stronger place and we thank them all for their dedication to the mortgage broker channel. A few have modified a major portion of their business practices, namely Caliber Home Loans, Home Point Financial, Pacific Union Financial, and AFR, and I want to thank them for their leadership in the space.

Thank you to United Wholesale Mortgage for jumping in as an early supporter of BRAWL. It is widely known that UWM is 100% pro-mortgage broker, and the company was kind of enough to amplify the movement’s message in its early stages. BRAWL wouldn’t have been as successful early on without their support.

Because of BRAWL, mortgage brokers and wholesale lenders have made amazing strides in the past year, but there is still room for continued improvement. If you haven’t registered already, I encourage you to attend AIME Fuse in Las Vegas on Saturday, Oct. 20, where we’ll be announcing a new digital platform that will change the game, again, for mortgage brokers.

Here’s to continued efforts to fight the good fight to strengthen the mortgage broker community!

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