When Notarize, a digital platform that allows for legal, online document notarization, launched its fully digital mortgage closing solution last year, the program was initially available in Washington, Illinois, Virginia, and Montana.

Since then, Notarize for Mortgages, which allows mortgage borrowers to complete all of the mortgage closing paperwork remotely, expanded to Alabama and Mississippi.

But now, thanks to a partnership with Westcor Land Title Insurance Company, Notarize is bringing fully digital mortgage closings to 16 new states.

The new partnership with Westcor expands the list of supported states to include Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Tennessee.

According to the companies, expanding to the 16 new states means that online mortgage closings are now available to more than 103 million Americans, or approximately 33% of the population.

In a release, the companies said that after “months of review,” Westcor selected Notarize as its preferred partner and preferred online closing and signing platform for Westcor agents across the country.

“The partnership will give independent title agents a secure, scalable platform that empowers them to serve lenders’ online closings, as well as initiate their own online notarizations and signings,” the companies said.

Notarize for Mortgage will be available in the 16 new states immediately, and can be used for all transactions types, including purchase, refinance, HELOCs, and all cash transactions.

“Buying a home is a complex process and we believe buyers and sellers get the best experience when they work with independent title agents. At Westcor, we’re focused on giving agents the tools they need to compete and win in today’s changing market,” said Mary O’Donnell, president & CEO of Westcor Land Title Insurance Company.

“We have been impressed by the Notarize team and their online signing platform, which will enable our title agent partners to meet clients online for the first time, when and where they want. It offers borrowers the option of an online closing and reduces agents’ operational costs,” O’Donnell said.

“We are live with Notarize and are pleased to support any lender or title agent looking to offer their clients an online closing or signing in these markets. Oftentimes world-class technology such as Notarize stays in the hands of only the large underwriter direct operations,” O’Donnell added. We see this as an opportunity to make this technology available to every one of our independent agents who would like to offer this to their lender clients and consumers.”

The companies said that they plan to continue evaluating expansion into additional states throughout 2018.

“Westcor is an ideal partner for Notarize. They share our vision for fundamentally improving the closing experience,” said Adam Pase, co-founder and coo of Notarize.

“Westcor works tirelessly to support title agents across the country and together, we will equip thousands of agents with Notarize to offer a fully online signing and notarization experience for all parties involved,” Pase said. “Notarize is the only company that allows a signer to click to close when and wherever they like – no scheduling required that disrupts your life and no driving to the closing. We are looking forward to building on our customer satisfaction and success to date as we expand into additional markets.”