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PrimeLending puts consumers in driver’s seat with digital mortgage process

Borrowers get a streamlined application they can access anywhere, any time


Based on more than 30 years serving the mortgage industry, PrimeLending has created the ideal ecosystem to support how both customers and business partners want to experience the digital home loan process. The top 10 purchase lender offers much more than the wide range of loan options, expert guidance and fast process people expect—PrimeLending has transformed the home loan experience by providing a clearer view, easier access and the freedom for borrowers and agents/builders to choose where, when and how to engage with the mortgage process.

Currently, 86% of PrimeLending’s home loans are completed online, with 30% coming through smartphones or tablets. It’s a new era of home buying, but PrimeLending is prepared.

“Everything our customers and business partners need to manage their part of the mortgage process is available to them from the palm of their hands,” said Tim Elkins, executive vice president of technology at PrimeLending. “Our process is more than mobile friendly, it’s mobile-maximized for how most people choose to do business.” 

PrimeLending’s unique mobile app for real estate agents and homebuilders sends real-time status updates and information requests mirroring the notifications their borrowers receive. Prime Lending logo

“We really are unique in the way we empower our business partners to work with their clients and stay in the loop during the mortgage process,” said Elkins. “We’ve developed a way to give agents and builders an accurate, up-to-date view of their clients’ applications they can access at anytime from anywhere.” 

PrimeLending business partners are never caught off guard and always equipped to answer their clients’ questions at any time. The app lets agents and builders:

  • Stay informed about the progress of their clients’ loans.
  • Know before a loan is behind schedule so they can take action.
  • Choose how to receive notifications by app, text message, email or all three.

“We know expediting the process is essential, but we also know security is of the utmost importance to our customers,” said Elkins. “Our system offers bank-level security so everyone can feel safe knowing their personal documents and confidential information are protected at every step.”

When it comes to creating a digital mortgage experience for borrowers, PrimeLending delivers all the cutting-edge advantages without losing the benefits that come from a personal relationship with a home loan expert. Here are some of the most popular borrower features:

  • When prequalified homebuyers are ready to submit an offer on a hot property, they can instantly create a property-specific prequalification letter using their smartphone and immediately include the letter with their offer—anytime, any day and without talking to their loan officer. 
  • To submit required documents, such as a driver’s license copy, borrowers can use a smart phone camera to take a photo and upload the image directly into the secure system.
  • Borrowers can allow PrimeLending to digitally transfer up-to-date documents, like pay stubs, bank statements and W2 transcripts, directly from the bank, employer and IRS.
  • Start, save, stop and pick right back up in the online application, making it convenient for borrowers to complete the application from any connected device on their schedule.
  • Instantly pay fees via a secure online system for required services such as appraisal fees to make sure the closing stays on schedule.
  • Receive text messages and/or email confirmations of each milestone reached and reminders of any steps on hold pending the borrower’s action.
  • Securely review and esign important documents (where allowed) at a moment’s notice, eliminating the need to meet in person.

PrimeLending’s commitment is to continually deploy the best innovative technologies to make the home loan process enjoyable, exciting and easy for everyone involved. 

“Our Loan Officers don’t hide behind our digital tools, they use them to enhance the relationship with homebuyers and business partners,” said Elkins. “We have and always will value the relationships and personal touch with every customer. Whether someone chooses to stay digital or visit one of our branches, getting them the ideal loan through a simple and hassle-free process is always our goal.”

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