The Arkansas Secretary of State, Mark Martin, announced Pavaso as an electronic notary solution provider for the state.

The announcement follows a recent growth in eNotarizations as digital mortgages become more commonplace, with eNotarizations being one of the final pieces to fully digital mortgages.

Pavaso is a digital closing platform that brings the different parties in the closing process together in one portal.

"Electronic notarization & e-closings will revolutionize the real estate and mortgage industries. This technology will change the way people conduct business. We are pleased to welcome another solution provider option as Arkansas' nationally recognized eNotary program continues to grow," said Secretary Martin.

Pavaso added its name to list of approved eNotary solutions providers in the state, which includes DocVerify, World Wide Notary, and Corporation Service Company.

Since 2013, the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office has been commissioning eNotaries in order to improve the efficiency of the notarization process.

“Homebuyers, Lenders and Settlement providers will all have an improved and outstanding mortgage eClosing experience because of Arkansas's focus and support of the digital transformation,” Nancy Pratt, Pavaso vice president for Partner Relations and Government Affairs, said.