Clarocity Corporation, a provider of real estate valuation solutions, announced recently that it launched Clarocity Valuation Services, which will serve as the distributor of Clarocity’s valuation products.

According to the Clarocity Corp., ClarocityVS was formed by merging Valuation Vision and Valued Veterans.

The new company will offer suite of valuation products and services, including new proprietary appraisal solutions like MarketValue Pro.

“Clarocity Valuation Services is more than just our consolidated services brand, we’re dedicated to redefining the valuation experience,” Shane Copeland, CEO of Clarocity, said.

Aleksandra James, who previously served as the chief operating officer of Valuation Vision, will serve as the president of ClarocityVS and the lead the company’s operations.

“I’m pleased to announce that Aleksandra James has taken on the role of president,” Copeland said. “Ms. James has done an exceptional job in driving the success of our operations, and will ensure that we continue provide an innovative and superior customer experience.”

Of her new role and the new company, James added: “We’re committed to innovating our services to build a unique customer experience for our industry. Having all of our offerings under a fully-compliant umbrella will provide our clients seamless access to these new hybrid valuation solutions that are changing the industry.”