The former owner of a Southlake, Texas title company admitted in court this week that she stole more than $1.6 million from her own company before fleeing the state with her ill-gotten gains.

The story all began about 18 months ago when the Texas Department of Insurance seized Millennium Title, which was taken over after the company’s founder, Nancy Carroll, disappeared amid reports that millions of dollars were missing from the company’s accounts.

Carroll, who is also known as Nancy Jackson Spinks, was arrested a few weeks later in Illinois on charges that she stole money from her company.

And Monday, Carroll appeared in a Texas courtroom and pleaded guilty to stealing $1.6 million from Millennium Title.

Dallas’ has more details:

Nancy Jackson Spinks, also known as Nancy Carroll, was arrested in February 2016 driving a Mercedes Benz near Chicago, where she was renting a 6,000-square-foot estate.

Regulators said $3 million was missing from the company’s escrow accounts and $2 million from separate investor accounts.

The article notes that Carroll is awaiting a sentence, with the range of punishment ranging from five to as many as 99 years in prison, but the article also states that Carroll could receive parole instead.