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Since July 2016, when Michelle Steinmetzer joined Chronos Solutions through the acquisition of UPF Services, she has been instrumental in increasing productivity and reducing operational expenses across several divisions within the enterprise. 

In her central role under the greatly expanded Chronos Solutions umbrella, Steinmetzer is responsible for the design, implementation and management of policies and procedures used to control the fulfillment platform throughout the company.

Chronos Solutions acquired San Diego-based Cogent Road only months before the UPF Services deal and one of Steinmetzer’s first tasks at Chronos was assuming oversight of the San Diego division’s IT project management from corporate. 

Within two quarters she increased daily verification and credit supplement services from 30 to 60 orders per team member and restructured its operational expenses. Now, with projected annual savings in San Diego of more than $300,000 per year, the division has structured pricing more competitively. 

At UPF Services, Steinmetzer automated operational systems that allowed the company to scale more efficiently. As a result, the company added 145 products and increased revenue $9.6 million annually. 

Earlier in her career, at Mortgage Investment Lending Associates, Steinmetzer implemented and designed process flows in each department. While she improved efficiency, she also implemented a reporting system that supported the company’s long-term goals and increased monthly funded volumes from $12 million to $550 million. 

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