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During the last 12 months, Chief Administrative Officer Blythe Hughes has continued to build world-class programs and teams within her areas of responsibility, which include the human resources department, talent acquisition and onboarding, training and development.

Hughes implemented talent assessment tools and protocols that help ensure that the entire Stearns organization is selecting, developing and promoting individuals who have a high probability for success in a given role. 

Hughes has also reduced employee turnover at Stearns. Her focus on employee reward and recognition programs, enhanced benefits and evolution of the company’s I Can Help You! culture all played a part in reducing turnover.

In addition, this year Hughes oversaw the implementation of company-wide training related to the introduction of two transformative technology platforms.

Throughout her 25+-year career as an accomplished, top-performing executive in the mortgage industry, Hughes has been recognized for her willingness to take on any challenge. 

“As a leader, her most impressive achievement is her ability to inspire others to do the same,” her nominator wrote. “Blythe creates dynamic strategies and spurs the teams that she leads to collaboratively achieve goals.”

Known for her ability to manage large staffs that support employee populations in the thousands, Hughes’ success is based on the idea that success requires that you surround yourself with great people. She has built a high-performing team that excels and represents Stearns’ culture in day-to-day activities. 

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