Moody name

Since joining Xome in 2013, each leadership challenge continues to redefine operational excellence for Aaron Moody. For Moody, who serves as vice president of REO operations, his current success is built upon more than 10 years of industry experience in operations.

Most recently, Moody’s leadership contribution drove impressive operational efficiency objectives for REO inventory turn-rate, contract closing efficiency, downstream vendor performance and revenue and EBITDA success for the company. Moody also recently assumed leadership over Xome’s full service REO asset management business unit.

Moody’s continual success at Xome includes standing up a distressed asset management business unit tasked with streamlining and simplifying complex processes. In early 2015, Moody was assigned Xome’s REO title and closing operations and within a few months, Moody successfully implemented data-driven and consumer-friendly approaches to title and closing management, greatly enhancing Xome’s monthly closed unit forecasting methodology.  


I am laser focused on the key inputs, outputs and details of what drives operational excellence — that is, allowing numbers to tell the story versus anecdotal responses such as “the way we’ve always done it.” Honing in on these factors allows me to help Xome provide a positive experience for our customers.