Hart name

Bob Hart is vice president of partner development at Ellie Mae, with a focus on supporting Ellie Mae partnerships and ensuring they have a pathway to success. Hart is also responsible for identifying new partners that provide Ellie Mae customers with an operational or compliance lift in their process.

Hart has been in the real estate and mortgage tech space for the past 16 years, and worked for a partner of Ellie Mae’s before joining the team. He has been instrumental in helping hundreds of Ellie Mae’s network partners and clients realize the benefits the Ellie Mae network provides to their business.

As a growing organization, Hart has helped foster deeper engagement with Ellie Mae’s partners to bring even more value to Ellie Mae’s customers. Within the first year of being at Ellie Mae, Hart has achieved recognition by Ellie Mae to not only be included in the Ellie Mae Circle of Excellence, but the elite Inner Circle of Excellence as well. 


For me, the best advice I ever received is that to be an effective communicator, you must be a good listener.  This is something that I constantly have to remind myself of and work on because it is easy to be focused on the message you want to deliver and forget to listen.