Before he became the Republican presidential candidate or a real estate guy, Donald Trump grew up in a 2,500-square foot brick and stucco Tudor home in Queens in New York City. And while it's not his lavish penthouses or estates, the home did go up for auction this year, according to an article in CNN Money by Kathryn Vasel.

Want to see a video tour of the house? Follow this link, if so.

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However, the famous connection isn’t doing much for the house. The article noted the opening bid for the home is $849,000, which would be a relative bargain for a house in this location. The article added that earlier this summer, the property was on the market for as much as $1.65 million.

From the piece:

"The connection to Trump is timely and the value is a little difficult to ascertain due to the association with Trump," explained Misha Haghani, the co-broker on the listing from Paramount Realty USA, on why the home is being auctioned. "An auction is a great way to sell ... things that have a unique or sentimental value. A value beyond the physical."

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