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DIMONT broadens offerings with loan administration services

Hazard claim provider is agile in all risk categories


In an era when the mantra is “do more with less,” DIMONT represents many of the largest financial institutions in the country as a provider of hazard claims and other specialty insurance solutions. DIMONT understands that mortgage servicers are looking for partners who can fulfill their needs in a broader context.

While providing hazard claims adjustment has always been DIMONT’s priority, clients are now leveraging DIMONT’s technology and industry knowledge to offer solutions for other insurance-related services. DIMONT has also added a new portfolio of loan administration services.dimont

“In many cases, it makes sense for a client to engage us in related administrative or technical processes, as our expert team can accomplish these tasks more quickly and in a variable cost model,” said President and CEO Denis Brosnan.“The common thread throughout our solutions is our partnership model with our clients: We work with them to ascertain their needs, and then we field cost-effective, technology-enabled solutions that are scalable and compliant with the strictest standards of regulatory scrutiny.”

In a strict regulatory environment, DIMONT puts compliance with the CFPB and other oversight agencies at the top of the list.

“As a valued partner, it is important that we understand new regulations as they are released so that we can proactively be addressing these requirements before they become an audit finding,” said Fran Weichsel, director of client relations.

Since clients interpret the regulations differently, it’s a standard practice at DIMONT to work with them to understand how they are managing compliance to ensure everyone is on the same page.

DIMONT’s compliance practice meets the highest professional standards and the licensing requirements of all jurisdictions and regularly completes audits conducted by the company’s customers.

“DIMONT is agile in all risk categories — regulatory, reputational and financial —allowing us to change with our clients as the risk categories change,” said CollinHarbour, director of business development.

The demand for transparency and access to information continues to drive innovation at DIMONT as data becomes more important than ever.

“It is imperative that vendors provide access to key data elements, SLA metrics, timelines, etc.  Some servicers are requesting automated data feeds into their systems so that they can ‘slice and dice’ the data received,” Weichsel said. “Others want vendors to provide the data either through regular reporting or through a collaborative data portal.”

To provide more modern client reporting processes, DIMONT has teamed with a cutting-edge technology vendor to deliver custom designed, client-facing portals to supply the most important dashboard of data to each client.

DIMONT executives see opportunities to deliver more technology enhancements into loan administration functions, especially in the hazard claims area.

In 2016, DIMONT will roll out new technologies and processes to allow it to work with servicers and other service providers in a seamless fashion.

“Our collaborative workspace will enable us to continue to field an expert workforce and to expand our client solutions to assist a segment of the industry that is still shrinking in volumes,” Brosnan said. “From there, this platform will also enable us to excel as a partner to mortgage servicers in other areas of loan administration.”


Denis Brosnan, President and CEO

Dennis BrosnanDenis Brosnan is a proven leader with deep experience guiding technology and technology-enabled service providers through various lifecycle phases including start-up, rapid growth and maturity. Brosnan brings to DIMONT extensive relationships in the mortgage banking community and substantial experience leading large-scale initiatives in organizational growth, systems improvements, and strategic and capital structure change.

Collin Harbour, Director of Business Development

CollinCollin Harbour is responsible for growing the company’s client base and for expanding its services footprint within its existing clients. Harbour has more than 20 years of experience delivering service to various-sized organizations. Prior to joining DIMONT in 2010, he was a partner in a property and casualty insurance business where he served in various leadership roles. He holds an MBA in strategic management from Baylor University.

Fran Weichsel, Director of Client Relations

FranFran Weichsel is responsible for developing, maintaining and expanding DIMONT’s client relationships with the GSEs and servicers. She has over 30 years’ experience in real estate, including servicing, REO disposition, valuation and insurance. Prior to DIMONT, Weichsel worked with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. She holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of Denver and was awarded her MBA from Providence College.


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