The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released the latest update to its list of rural counties on Wednesday.

Here’s a link to the latest 2016 rural counties list, along with a link to the 2016 rural or underserved counties list.

Since the bureau pushes out a lot of new rules that deal with rural and underserved areas, it posts new lists each year.

The CFPB posted a list of counties determined to be “rural” during 2015 for purposes of applying the regulatory provisions during 2016 (2016 lists).

According to the CFPB, “Rural counties are generally defined by using the United State Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service’s urban influence codes, and underserved counties are defined by reference to data collected under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act.” 

In September, the CFPB finalized several changes to its mortgage rules to expand access to credit to small creditors, particularly in rural and underserved areas.  

The rule was proposed in January and geared to increase the number of financial institutions able to offer certain types of mortgages in rural and underserved areas.