Radian (www.radian.biz) is a market-leading, diversified, residential mortgage and real estate services enterprise that enables the American dream of home ownership through innovation that improves efficiency, lowers risk and enhances transparency across the residential real estate and mortgage continuum.  Radian serves customers across the mortgage value chain through mortgage insurance, mortgage credit risk solutions, mortgage loan review, mortgage securitization services, valuation products, real estate management and title services. As of March 31, 2018, Radian had total assets of $6.01 billion and a market capitalization of $4.1 billion. Radian trades under the symbol RDN on the New York Stock Exchange.


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    First-time homebuyers: Should I rent or buy?

    MJ Watkins at Radian discusses the hurdles first-time homebuyers face, and a solution.
    At Radian we want all FTHB to be prepared, so we provide tools to help them understand how buying their first home could be within their reach. A key part of a buyer’s educational journey includes a discussion about the benefits of mortgage insurance -- a financial tool that creates a path to homeownership by allowing buyers to purchase sooner with less money down.
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