The secondary market and real estate investing. Also includes Ginnie, GSE, and private MBS coverage from the loan-level transaction vendor space up to waterfall management of SPVs.


News and information related to retail lending, wholesale and correspondent, and mortgage origination. General economic trends get worked in here, too; GDP, jobs, apps, rates.

People Movers

Hiring, promotions, and any other employment changes.

Real Estate

Real estate development, sales, and market trends.


Performing and non-performing loan servicing, subservicing and the vendors that support loan servicers. Property preservation and REO activity as well.

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Real estate property values, appraisals and AVMs. National, state, and local shifts in HPIs.


Celebrating milestones, launches, and awards in the mortgage industry.


A resource destination for potential homebuyers seeking to educate themselves on the mortgage process so they can make more informed buying decisions.


Technology innovation and integrations. Company updates to client services, as well as strategic vendor moves.

In the Money

M&A, JVs, MBS and capital investments. Deal flow, deal flow, deal flow.