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About Tech100

Though loan originators and real estate professionals are collaborating more now than ever before, technology solutions have mostly stayed focused on one population versus the other.

The Tech100 Mortgage Award recognizes the companies and solutions that are revolutionizing the mortgage process – from origination to closing, and servicing to secondary markets. The Tech100 Real Estate Award recognizes the 100 technology companies that are changing the home sales process forever – from home search to lead management solutions, and remote closing to transaction management software.

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Program Details

  • Nomination period: November 14, 2023 – December 15, 2023
  • Nomination fee: $695
  • Winners announced: Online March 1st and in the April/May issue of HousingWire Magazine

Eligibility & Criteria

Organizations need to meet the following basic criteria to apply for submission to the HW TECH100:

  • Offer technology and/or software that drives innovation in the mortgage or real estate industries.
  • The technology must be available in-market at time of application: no vaporware or pre-launches allowed.
  • Technology may be B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer) in nature.

A selection panel of industry leaders and practitioners will review and vote on submissions. The final list will be reviewed by a committee of HousingWire editors and executive leaders. All winners will be announced publicly with the launch of the March issue of HW Magazine.

Submissions are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Past Winners:


2022 HW Tech 100 Mortgage

2022 HW Tech 100 Real Estate

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are this year’s submission questions?

  • What’s your elevator pitch? (2-3 sentences suggested)
  • Describe key technology that your organization offers. (2-3 paragraphs suggested)
  • Demonstrate your impact with metrics. How are you measuring success? This is the right place to share the metrics that truly differentiate your company and product. What growth has your solution created for your clients? Has your technology improved cost efficiency? Do you have client success metrics and quantifiable industry impact metrics? Has your organization experienced outsized revenue growth? (2-3 paragraphs suggested) **All metrics provided in the section may be made public and used in winner profiles.**

2. Can I nominate my company for both the Tech100 Mortgage and Tech100 Real Estate awards? 

Yes, we encourage companies that serve clients in real estate and mortgage to consider nominating for both programs or the single program that’s most important to your business. Both programs will be judged separately and winning in one program will not preclude you from winning in the other. These are separate programs with separate awards. 

3. Our company has more than one software platform and we serve multiple industries. Do we have to apply multiple times?

Each company will be evaluated by our Selection Panel and editorial team based on the industry and market they select with their submission, if you would like to be considered in more than one category an additional nomination is required.

4. Why am I being asked to pay before I see the submission questions?

Payment is required before nominators are able to access the submission form and begin the submission process. Once you click the red “Register” button above, you’ll be directed to the registration page for that particular award to enter your payment method. Next, you’ll be directed to the submission form where you’ll find the submission questions (see FAQ #1) in addition to basic information we need about the organization that is being nominated.

5. We want to know if [Company X] applied. Or we’d like to know how many companies applied/were nominated.

In the past we have received hundreds of nominations for the TECH100 program. We’re expecting submissions to increase exponentially year after year. Beyond that, we do not disclose if individual companies have been nominated for the program, nor do we disclose how many companies have received nominations in any given year.

6. Our software is proprietary and we want to share some things in our application that are private, so we can be accurately assessed. How do we do that?

The information submitted in a nomination may be published in the event the company is selected as a winner by our panel. We do not recommend including propriety information that you would not like to have published publicly.

7. The company I want to nominate doesn’t advertise with HousingWire. Can they still be considered?

Yes! We want to capture the most innovative companies in the industry. The fact that a nominee is an HW Media client does not impact their ability to win an of our awards.

8. We must have missed the listed deadline. Can we still apply?

With all of our awards, we offer a late period that runs from the Friday deadline until that following Tuesday. However, an additional $100 late fee will be added on to any submissions we receive within this late period.

9. How much does it cost to nominate?

Submissions for Tech100 Mortgage and Tech100 Real Estate are $695.

10. We submitted a nomination. Can we know if we made it in prior to the official announcement for planning and/or marketing purposes?

We do not disclose the companies that make our HW TECH100 until the TECH100 HW Magazine issue is released; and will not be disclosing any information as to who made the cut prior to that date. When each year’s award winners are announced, the business contacts at winning companies will receive notification of their inclusion as well as information to support any press statements and similar marketing measures.

11. Our organization wasn’t selected, can you give us feedback on why we weren’t picked?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions we receive we are not able to provide feedback to for each submission.

12. Our organization wasn’t picked, can we get a refund?

We are not able to offer refunds for any of our awards programs. For many of our programs, we attract hundreds of nominations. Nomination fees support to time and human capital necessary to review nominations, research individuals, and, in the case of TECH100, manage industry review panels of fellow housing professionals.

Have more questions? Reach out to Lesley Collins

Award Materials, Licensing, Permissions, and Reprints

Each winning organization will be provided the digital award logo to use as they wish to promote their win. 

For additional award materials, please visit our online store here

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