Talking proptech with FinLedger Director Holden Page

Today’s HousingWire Daily episode features an interview with Holden Page, director at FinLedger, HW Media’s fintech-focused newsroom. In this episode, Page joins Housingwire Junior Digital Producer Victoria Jones to discuss the hottest topics coming across FinLedger’s news desk.

During the episode, Page reviews small business banking startup Novo closing on a $40.7 million Series A and examines what this means for the online banking market. 

Additionally, Page discusses what’s happening in the proptech space and reviews some of the private market deals that have occurred over the past month. 

Here is a small preview of the interview, which has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

Victoria Jones: Let’s focus on what’s been happening in the proptech space. Looking at the overall picture, could you highlight some moments in proptech that have taken place so far this month?

Holden Page: One of the things that I do is look at proptech from the private market’s perspective, which focuses primarily on venture capital investors and what they’re investing in. This represents the innovation that’s happening in property technology. On that front, over this past month, about $1.2 billion has been invested in proptech startups. It’s quite a bit of money, and it’s a bit more than last month, which was about $1.1 billion. However, it’s worth noting that there are lagging indicators on when deals are announced. So, for instance, a startup in proptech may raise their funding on June 18 but won’t announce it until July 20. So that data gets backdated. I expect we’ll probably see a couple more million dollars at least being added to this month’s total, superseding what we saw in activity last month, and that also accounts for deals.

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