Origence on enhancing the borrower experience

Today’s HousingWire Daily episode features a crossover episode of HousingWire’s Housing News podcast. In this episode, HousingWire Editor in Chief Sarah Wheeler interviews Origence Senior Vice President of Mortgage Origination Platform Strategy Andrew Weiss, and Brit Barker, the vice president of enterprise solutions.

During the episode, Weiss and Baker discuss Origence’s conception and discuss the importance of utilizing technology to deliver a better borrower and staff experience.

Here is a small preview of the interview, which has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

Sarah Wheeler: Mortgage LOS systems have been around for a few decades now…why did we need a new one?

Brit Barker: There’s a lot of discussion about technology, the adoption of that technology and data. So, as a tech company, we’re constantly in the middle of this and really studying it. And the question is, is it really the technology that brings the advancement? Or is it really the adoption of that technology? Or is it the data? And perhaps most importantly, do you have the right data? So, I think all three of those points are so important. And we fall in the camp of it’s really the combination of these. For mortgage lenders to really become efficient, we would probably argue that it’s not as much about the technology that determines the advancement, but the lenders’ adoption of that technology with the data and if they have clean proper data, then you can make some decisions. So, if you have a system that is ensuring the right data, to help make the right decision, whether it’s the system doing that or whether it’s humans looking at it and making that decision, that’s what’s going to be key. It’s the tech, the adoption of it, and then confidence that this data is taking you in the right places.

The Housing News podcast explores the most important topics happening in mortgage, real estate, and fintech. Each week a new mortgage or real estate executive joins the show to add perspective to the top stories crossing HousingWire’s news desk. Hosted by Sarah Wheeler and produced by Alcynna Lloyd.

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