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  • Closing the gap on the real estate closing process

    Time for a tech upgrade?
    [Op-ed] Today, homebuyers can tour homes, see the neighborhood and research the history of a property all from the comfort of their couch. Technology has streamlined the front end of the purchase process, but the actual closing remains largely stuck in the past. How can collaborative software solutions help update the closing process so that tech savvy consumers who have looked at homes and even virtually furnished them with a smartphone are confronted with an outdated process when it is time to buy?
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  • Qualia raises $33 million to improve home closing process

    Funding round led by Silicon Valley’s Menlo Ventures
    Qualia, a real estate technology company that focuses on the home closing process, announced this week that it raised $33 million in its latest funding round. Qualia has grown significantly since its founding in 2015, and now handles 5% of the national real estate market. The company said that expects the new funding to aid in its continued growth.
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