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  • Military families struggle to find affordable housing

    Fewer stationed overseas than ever before
    As the number of military personnel stationed overseas continues to decrease, the growing number of military families in the U.S. struggle to find affordable housing. A study conducted last year shows most military members opt out of on base housing and prefer to rent or even own their home.
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  • Grassroots military organizations ask Congress to save the CFPB

    VoteVets, Common Defense say that CFPB protects servicemembers
    As the Financial CHOICE Act winds its way through the House of Representatives, two grassroots organizations that represent current and former members of the military are asking the members of Congress to leave the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau alone and allow the bureau to continue functioning as it does now.
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  • Contaminated military housing could be causing leukemia

    At least 11 near Laurel Bay military housing diagnosed
    Contamination under a military base in South Carolina lead some military moms to believe it could be the cause for their children’s cancer. At least 11 families near the base have children battling leukemia, but are the military’s efforts to fix it too little too late?
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