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  • [Pulse] Here's how higher regulatory costs are impeding housing affordability

    Regulatory burdens are driving up costs, and it's a problem for the housing market
    Despite recent declines in mortgage interest rates, housing affordability continues to be a key concern for homebuyers. Studies show that regulatory burdens significantly elevate the cost of land development and construction, driving up costs that are passed on to the homebuyer. If we as a nation want to ease housing affordability barriers, communities should begin by reducing the regulatory burdens associated with developing land and building homes.
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  • Prepare now for slower growth, consumer headwinds

    A traffic jam of uncertainty lies ahead
    [Expert commentary] When consumers feel good about their financial future, it tends to be reflected in the housing market. For that reason, it’s hard not to see good things in the recent Consumer Sentiment and Consumer Confidence indices, two key barometers used to gauge the direction of the economy. Yet while the view from the windshield of the economy seems clear, the traffic maps show a good deal of congestion and uncertainty ahead.
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  • Can you guess the best 6 cities for middle class Americans to buy a home?

    You will be lucky to guess 2 or 3, but not all 6
    Many cities in the U.S. are seeing home prices skyrocket, even hitting new highs in some markets. However, one study takes a look at the middle-income earner, and which markets are more suitable for Americans earning the average annual salary of $55,000. Quick, think of the 6 cities and then click the headline to see how you did.
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