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  • Americans haven’t been this good at paying their mortgages since 2000

    MBA report shows mortgage delinquency rate fell to 17-year low in second quarter
    Over the last few weeks, report after report after report after report all show the same thing – more Americans are paying the mortgages on time right now than at any time since the housing crisis, at least. Now, a new report from the Mortgage Bankers Association shows that the delinquency rate for mortgages just fell to its lowest level since 2000.
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  • Urban Institute: Selling NPLs to investors is working

    Four ways to improve sales
    Researchers from the Urban Institute are already on the record with their view that more pools of non-performing loans need to be sold to private investors, but a new article posted on the Urban Institute's Urban Wire blog on Housing and Housing Finance suggests that more steps need to be taken to ensure a mutually beneficial result for all parties involved in a non-performing loan sale.
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  • Fannie Mae selling $1.4 billion in non-performing loans

    Sale includes five pools of loans
    Fannie Mae announced Tuesday its latest sale of non-performing loans, which includes Fannie Mae’s second sale of a smaller pool of non-performing loans that are specifically targeted for placement with “smaller investors, non-profit organizations and minority- and women-owned businesses.”
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  • Urban Institute: More non-performing loans should be sold to private investors

    New report shows private investors 'can do more for borrowers'
    While some prominent figures in the federal government, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Rep. Mike Capuano, D-Mass, have loudly criticized the government’s practice of selling non-performing loans to private investors, a new report from the Urban Institute suggests that selling NPLs to the private sector is actually a good thing.
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  • CFPB fines Residential Credit Solutions $1.5 million for illegal mortgage servicing

    Allegedly failed to honor loan modifications, drove borrowers into foreclosure
    According to the CFPB, Residential Credit Solutions failed to honor modifications for loans transferred from other servicers, treated consumers as if they were in default when they weren’t, sent consumers escrow statements falsely claiming they were due a refund, and forced consumers to waive their rights in order to get a repayment plan.
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  • Radian now offering an industry first – job loss insurance

    New program will pay borrowers’ mortgage if they lose their job
    Radian Guaranty is offering a new program that’s the first of its kind in the industry – job loss insurance. The new program, called Radian MortgageAssure, will pay a borrower’s mortgage if they suffer an involuntary job loss and fall behind on their mortgage payments. And it comes at no cost to the borrower.
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  • Delinquencies fall at the GSEs

    FHFA: 247,000 foreclosure prevention actions completed
    Foreclosure prevention actions enacted by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have prevented 2.9 million foreclosures since 2008, with 247,000 home rescues completed by the GSEs in just the first half of 2013, the Federal Housing Finance Agency reports.
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