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  • Consumer confidence rises to highest level since January

    Americans more excited about personal finances
    Americans’ expectations in their future soared at the beginning of August, bringing the University of Michigan’s measure of consumer confidence to its highest point since January. However, the survey did not include results from after the incident in Charlottesville, Virginia, which could bring confidence down once more by the end of the month.
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  • Americans express most confidence since 2005 in current economic conditions

    Overall sentiment drops
    The index of consumer sentiment dropped at the beginning of July as the decrease in future expectations outweighed the increase in each American's views of their current situation. Consumers are now more optimistic about their current situation than at any point since 2005, but the gap widened between that, and where they see the future of the economy.
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  • American optimism of future economy drops in June

    Slightly more optimistic about current conditions
    Americans continue to see improvement in their current financial conditions, however, they are less optimistic about the future of the economy. While the Index of Consumer Sentiment came back from its seven-month low in early June, it still decreased from the previous month.
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  • Consumer optimism sees slight uptick in April

    Partisan divide subsides significantly
    Consumer optimism edged up slightly in April, but not quite as high as the beginning of the month. Independents are more confident in the economy, and Republicans and Democrats are beginning to converge as the partisan divide slowly heals.
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  • Consumer sentiment increased just before elections

    Consumers more optimistic about the future
    Consumer sentiment rose just before the elections in November, which could mean a higher probability of a rate hike in December. One expert points out, however, that these were only the preliminary November results and consumers could feel differently now that the election is over.
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  • Consumer sentiment sees uptick in September

    Consumers more optimistic about future
    Consumers sentiment increased in September after preliminary results showed it to be flat from August. Most of the increase was centered on one part of the survey. Survey of Consumers’ chief economist explains the reason for the increase.
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