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  • Jobs Report: Private sector hiring slows as construction, manufacturing shed jobs

    Companies add fewest jobs in 18 months
    The pace of hiring slowed in March as employers fretted about a slowing economy. Companies hired 129,000 employees, the slowest pace in 18 months, according to a report today from ADP and Moody's Analytics. Goods-producing jobs, such as construction and manufacturing, contracted for the first time since December 2016.
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  • Jobs increase falls below expectations in March

    Construction job growth drops by 15,000
    Total jobs growth in March increased, but far below experts’ expectations, and much-needed construction jobs decreased. However, one expert pointed out the decrease in construction jobs could be due to this year’s harsh winter.
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  • ADP: Construction industry leads March employment surge

    Jobs forecasted to increase 241,000
    As job gains continue in the construction industry, employment is expected to surge in March. And one expert explained the rebound in employment growth over the past few months is principally due to the goods sector, with ADP's report showing gains of 31,000 in construction.
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  • Job growth surges with strongest growth since last summer

    Construction employment sees largest gain since 2007
    Job growth continued its surge in February, this time growing at its strongest rate since July last year. Job growth was especially high in the construction industry, which saw its largest increase since 2007. For one expert, February’s report was “as good as it gets.”
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  • Employment surges in January lead by construction jobs increase

    Average hourly earnings increase at fastest pace since 2009
    Jobs increased in January, lead in part by gains in construction employment. But experts were especially interested in this month’s wage growth, which posted the highest annual increase since 2009. However, not everyone saw January’s wage growth as a positive sign.
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  • Experts: 2018 set to be best economic year since housing crisis

    Increase in construction jobs is just what housing market needed
    Although December’s job report numbers disappointed experts’ expectations, many explained that the end-of-year increase in construction jobs is just what the housing market needed. One expert explained that despite the lower than expected increase in December, the jobs market remains strong, and is a key reason why the economy is poised for its best year since the crisis in 2018.
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  • ADP predicts employment increase of 190,000 in November

    But says construction will fall
    Job growth will slow in November to an increase of 190,000 new jobs, according to the ADP and Moody's Analytics National Employment Report. And while ADP’s report isn’t always the most accurate prediction of how many jobs will be added in any given month, another expert agrees with this forecast, saying 200,000 new jobs will be added in November.
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  • Job creation increase misses the mark in August

    Slowdown not caused by Hurricane Harvey
    Employment increased in August, but the jump was significantly lower than predicted and last month’s increase. The Bureau of Labor Statistics explained the job numbers for August were not affected by Hurricane Harvey. But on the positive side of things, construction jobs saw a much-needed increase.
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  • ADP: Employment increases 237,000 in August

    Construction jobs predicted to boom
    Employment is set to boom in August according to the latest employment report from ADP and Moody’s Analytics. The report predicts a solid increase in overall employment, and even a boom in construction jobs for the month.
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  • Freddie Mac: Construction employers struggle to attract Millennials

    Increased immigration enforcement drives away laborers
    Freddie Mac released its latest monthly report which shows the construction industry is increasingly unable to keep up with the rising demand for new homes. Single-family construction builders continue to see an increase in construction job openings as they struggle to attract Millennials to the market.
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