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  • The Economist snubs Janet Yellen

    Fed Chair left off publication's most influential economist list
    A quick perusal of The Economist's list of the most influential economists shows that one very pivotal name is nowhere to be found. But somehow Jonathan Gruber made the list.
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  • Quote of the week

    "People freak out about high food and gas prices, but high home prices are good? It doesn’t make sense. In the long run, prices will be in line with people’s incomes." -- Christopher Thornberg, economist with Beacon Economics, in an interview for a story in an upcoming January 2009 issue of HousingWire Magazine.
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  • Well, that didn't take long

    Barry Ritholtz should catch some hell for taking less than three days to be proven VERY wrong on his price of oil prediction. On June 3, he wrote the following, thanks to an Economist cover on oil prices: For those of us who believe in such things as contrary indicators, this suggests a short term top in Oil to me. I would bet we don't see new highs in Oil for the next 6 months, and perhaps even 12 months.
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