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  • Macro Scheduler Locks Loans Automatically for Mortgage Brokers

    MJT Net released Macro Scheduler, an application that automates the repetitive steps taken by mortgage brokers to “lock” loan rates for customers, according to a corporate release. Traditional loan locking processes can take up to 40 minutes per loan, but MJT claims that the new application can shave the time down to five minutes. The software erases the need to manually read internal data, visit external Web sites and entering that same data on multiple forms.
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  • Quote of the week

    "People freak out about high food and gas prices, but high home prices are good? It doesn’t make sense. In the long run, prices will be in line with people’s incomes." -- Christopher Thornberg, economist with Beacon Economics, in an interview for a story in an upcoming January 2009 issue of HousingWire Magazine.
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  • 2008 Reader Survey: Tell HW What You Think

    CLICK HERE to take the reader survey. Many readers know that in the weeks ahead, Housing Wire will be expanding further -- and that I'll begin accepting advertising for this site as well as unveiling an improved site design. HW has managed to sit in the sweet spot between trade media and industry blog, something that we'll be growing substantially here during 2008.
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  • Update: Quick Thank You

    As we head into the weekend, I wanted to take a minute and share a thank-you to all of you who commented and sent me emails regarding the new addition to my family this past week. I really only noted it because I wanted HW readers to know why there wouldn't be any posts for Monday. I received more than 300 emails from well-wishers -- an absolutely overwhelming display, to say the least. It wouldn't be possible to send each of you a thank you, so this post is my best attempt.
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  • MLN Saga Plays On

    The Advocate reports that GMAC-RFC wants the comments of ex-MLN CEO Mitch Heffernan stricken from court records; he had asserted that it was RFC's fault employees weren't paid before being laid off.
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