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  • Airbnb hosts use their passive income stream for more real estate investment

    Hosts generate an average of $20K a year in profits
    When Priceonomics analyzed income data from tens of thousands of loan applications in 2018, they calculated that the average Airbnb host makes more than $924 per month, although some made much more, stretching to $10,000 a month. Once hosts discover the benefits of hosting, they often expand their inventory of listed rooms or homes. A 2017 article in Inc. profiled superhosts earning at least $100,000 a year by welcoming guests to multiple homes.
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  • These cities attract the most Millennial homeowners

    Rate in No. 1 city increased over 10% since 2006
    Millennials could be the key to housing in 2017, according to some experts. While the homeownership rate decreased nationwide over the past decade, some cities defied the trend, and even saw significant increases in Millennial homeownership. Here are the top 10.
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