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  • Women are slowly ascending the REIT ranks

    But female representation in this male-dominated sector remains unimpressive
    The real estate investment trust sector is seeing an uptick in female leadership, as a new survey reveals more than half of newly elected directors are women. But despite corporate calls for diversification, most boards have only one or two women, showing that the industry clearly has a long way to go.
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  • Day one: The beginning of the new S&P REIT stock launch

    Bloomberg chart shows impact to exchange-traded fund investors
    Today, September 1, 2016, marks the first shake-up of the S&P 500 Index in nearly two decades. Although this is a major move for the market and investors, this doesn’t change the intrinsic value of any share of stock. The people it does impact a lot: owners of exchange-traded funds.
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  • Real estate stocks get S&P shortlist for investors

    REITs say so long to lumpy financial classification
    Real estate investment trusts are saying so long to being bundled with "financials" in their industry classification, getting their own new category called, no shocker here, "real estate." Investors demand is expected to surge. Ready. Set. Go.
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  • From HW Magazine

    REITs riding high

    But for how long?
    Feared rate increases are likely to come slowly given the general slowdown in global economic growth, which means even the less diversified REITs could still have a good run for the immediate future.
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  • HW 30, REITs go through the wringer

    REITs feel added pressure from negative investor sentiment
    Real estate investment trust stocks stayed level after recording a steady decline Monday morning due to reports of negative investor sentiment. The rest of the HW 30 did not fare much better, with a majority of the stocks landing in the red.
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  • HousingWire’s most viewed stories of 2013

    Forget compliance: Readers followed REITs, tax breaks on loan mods more closely
    What news stories did HousingWire readers view the most in 2013? A look at page view data suggests REITs and tax breaks for borrowers in certain situations captured a majority of the attention.
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  • REITs caught between a rock and a hard place

    Hedging for interest rate volatility can make or break them
    To taper or not to taper? The latest jobs data suggests a tapering of Fed asset purchases is right around the corner. But, unfortunately, this spells uncertainty for mortgage real estate investment trusts that are heavily influenced by interest-rate fluctuations.
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