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  • Amazon pulls plug on New York HQ2

    Opts not to proceed without support from local officials
    The rumors are true – Amazon has officially canceled plans to build a headquarters in Long Island City, New York, after facing significant opposition from local politicians who protested tax breaks for one of the world's more powerful companies. Amazon announced Thursday that is has opted to withdraw its plans for a Queens headquarters, saying it will not launch a search for a new location.
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  • New York City foreclosures rise to post-crisis high

    Jump nearly 60% in one year
    There haven’t been this many homes in foreclosure in New York City since the housing crisis, but the news isn’t quite as bad as it seems. These foreclosures aren't new. In fact, many of them have been in the works for many years.
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  • New York landlords face mounting pressure to lower rents

    Vacant properties on the rise
    Like many other areas of the country, New York experienced a boom in higher-end listings since 2013. Now, however, it faces an oversupply as the market at the top softens and the affordable homes and apartments are snatched up faster than the market can keep up with. Landlords at high-end properties are now under increased pressure to lower their rent prices, or watch vacancies increase.
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  • New York City’s top 10 hottest neighborhoods

    Bonus: Predictions for the Big Apple’s new year
    Whether you live in New York City now or are planning to move to the Big Apple, here is a list of the hottest places to live for 2015. But be sure to also read the predictions to know what is forecasted for that borough as well.
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  • Chinese investors head to Queens

    The Upper East Side no longer a "hot spot"
    Buyers from mainland China today can account for as many as half of the buyers at certain buildings in "Falasheng" and surrounding neighborhoods, brokers say. A few years ago there were virtually none.
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