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  • MBA: Commercial, multifamily mortgages continue performing historically well

    Delinquencies remain near historic lows
    It was basically the same song, different verse for commercial and multifamily mortgages at the end of 2018, with those mortgages continuing to perform at historic levels throughout the fourth quarter. According to newly released data from the MBA, delinquency rates on commercial and multifamily mortgages remained near historic lows during the fourth quarter, just as they did all year.
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  • Freddie Mac outstrips Fannie Mae in multifamily guarantee growth by 19 percentage points

    Multifamily lending market looks healthy as both companies report growth in their multifamily portfolios
    Freddie Mac’s multifamily guarantee portfolio grew 30% year-over-year whereas Fannie Mae’s grew by 11% YoY. According to both companies’ quarterly financial results, Freddie grew its portfolio from $164 billion to $213 billion. Fannie grew its portfolio from $253.3 billion to $281.3 billion. This translates to 152,000 rental units and 154,000 units funded, respectively.
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