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  • QE 4 ever?

    The recent Bank of America Merrill Lynch [stock BAC][/stock] global fund manger survey shows a firm support for the long-term, continued quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve.Fed...
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  • US investors in Europe finish what the Fed starts

    Last week the Federal Reserve released data on its bailout activity. Not surprisingly, the Fed was revealed as the central bank for the world. The Fed appears to relish the role, considering the rate of jubilant buying and selling of swaps with sovereign banks, especially in cases where those countries could create some sort of solution on their own. And while the American public may currently detest all things banking, the Fed activities have won the hearts and minds of Europe's banks, thereby opening the floodgates of opportunity.
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  • Bailing out the big banks and taking Europe with it

    In the middle of the WikiLeaks scandal that somehow threatens to completely derail international diplomacy, someone left the information valve open. It's a great strategy. Fill the cup so full that no one will want to take a drink. The Federal Reserve, in its massive release of bailout information, cites Dodd-Frank requirements for the release of its data. However, the timing couldn't be better. Today is a great day in mortgage finance to bury bad news. And if your government spent enormous resources helping foreign entities, now is the time to tell us. Apparently.
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  • Could New Liquidity Requirements Sink the Ship?

    Because the international banking regulations dubbed “Basel II” have not yet become operational in the US (and might not ever be), I was a little surprised, in recent weeks, to see two US fixed income analysts dissect the impact of still-in-the-works Basel III liquidity rules in recent weeks.
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  • Will the Double Dip in Real Estate Go Commercial?

    In his column on Monday, Paul Jackson presented his take on the likely double dip in the US housing market. This turned my attention to the usual suspect, often one step behind the residential market: commercial real estate. But whether CRE will follow suit, as the market thought was customary, is an issue of great debate, I found.
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  • Dude, where's my liquidity?

    PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust is planning to buy up newly issued loans and package them into bonds. A posting at Bloomberg has the scoop today. The conduit arm of PennyMac would buy the mortgage loans as short-term investments. It sounds promising in terms of short-term funding, but the question remains whether this conduit vehicle will last: Has the industry already forgotten the short-lived MLEC dreams?
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