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  • mPower survey: 75% of women mortgage professionals experience sexual harassment

    "One is too many"
    As the #MeToo movement sinks its teeth in and rattles industry after industry, confronting a toxic culture of sexual misconduct and abuses of power, mPower, the women’s network arm of the Mortgage Bankers Association, surveyed its community members on the topic and learned that 75% of respondents had experienced at least one instance of sexual harassment in the workplace.
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  • Want to disrupt the mortgage industry? Ask the decision makers

    Here's who will drive this disruption
    Throughout Digital Risk's recent "Break the Glass" Executive Women’s Sonoma Summit, attendees brainstormed how and why disruption in the mortgage industry should be spearheaded by one of the most influential, highly educated and fiscally responsible consumer groups – women. Who would better understand the differences, needs and wants of the major purchase decision makers than women?
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  • MBA takes focus on women in real estate finance to the next level

    "We struck a nerve and need that's out there"
    Women in real estate finance, a small but steadily growing group, now have a place online to go to strengthen their network and exchange ideas and information about the industry, answering increasing calls for such a platform within the market. What started out informally is turning into a full-fledged, formal initiative from the MBA. And just in time for MBA Annual in Boston next week.
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