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  • Overcoming the skeptics: Lenda CEO on reimagining homeownership with online mortgages

    How Lenda stands out with completely online mortgages
    Jason van den Brand, founder and CEO of Lenda, an online mortgage company, constantly faces criticism on the idea and desire for completely digital mortgages. What makes Lenda stand out is that it eliminates the middleman in the mortgage process. So, to no surprise, loan officers aren’t too happy with this idea. But to van den Brand, this is the future of lending.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Inside Goldman Sachs

    Housing conference looks at what mortgage companies will need to survive in the future
    “Nearly every part of the real estate process has been transformed by technology except for home financing. Getting a mortgage is still manual, frustrating and confusing,” said Nick Stamos, CEO and founder of Sindeo.
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