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  • Rate hike in December? Maybe not

    Economists lower rate-hike predictions
    An interest rate hike in December was almost a sure thing, followed by one or two rate hikes next year – all the economists said it. After that, there was debate about what would happen next. But that is now beginning to shift, and even a rate hike in December may not be happening.
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  • Federal Reserve raises interest rates for first time in 2018

    Indicates two more rate hikes coming this year
    As expected, the Federal Reserve announced Wednesday that it is increasing the federal funds rate for the first time in 2018. Earlier this year, observers placed the likelihood of the Fed increasing rates by 25 basis points at the end of its March meeting at more than 75%. And Wednesday, that’s just what the Fed did.
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  • Fannie Mae: New jobs report basically guarantees December rate hike

    "We believe that today's firm jobs report seals the deal"
    Earlier this week, the Federal Open Market Committee announced that it plans to leave the federal funds rate unchanged, but the way the FOMC framed the announcement led many to believe that a rake hike is coming in December. And Friday's jobs report did not contain any significant information that would warrant further delaying a rate hike - in fact, it all but guaranteed a December rate hike, according to Fannie Mae's chief economist.
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  • Fed continues to send signals on looming interest rate hike

    So, what does it mean for the mortgage market?
    It appears that the Federal Reserve is continuing its tact of jumping through as many hoops as possible to prepare the market for the potential of another rate hike. So, what happens to the mortgage market whenever the Fed actually does raise rates? Here are a few insights.
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  • Yellen: Rate hike coming when inflation goes up

    May labor report an aberration
    After the jobs report came in with incredibly low numbers on Friday, many questioned whether there would still be a rate hike this summer. According to comments made Monday by Janet Yellen, there is still a good possibility. Here's what she said about the jobs report, and what it means for the economy.
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  • What will the looming Fed rate hike do to housing?

    Impact expected to be felt by first-time homebuyers
    It’s now less than a week until the next meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, during which many analysts expect that the FOMC members will vote to raise the federal funds rate for the first time since June 2006. So what would be the impact of a Fed rate hike on housing?
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