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  • Who can attract the young workforce in mortgage finance?

    Here's how the Rising Stars recruit young talent
    How many of you knew you wanted to go into the housing industry? Looking at the current state of the market, we so desperately need more young entrants into the field. It’s time to fix this. HousingWire’s Rising Stars are the perfect example of young industry professionals who are moving the market forward. And they’re here to share their thoughts on how to help others get there too.
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  • Is the CFPB in dire need of a new direction?

    Which could mean a new director
    Readers don’t have to go any further than HousingWire’s search function to see the constant dialogue around the uncertain future of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Regulation is king in mortgage finance, and right now the No. 1 industry watchdog is in limbo as the court and government try to overhaul its future. So where does this leave people in mortgage finance? These four CFPB and regulation experts have the answers.
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  • Got tough questions about the CFPB's 900-page mortgage-servicing rule?

    HousingWire gets you the answers
    Hurry! This webinar is this afternoon at 1 CST! For those wondering if the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s mortgage-servicing rule is published in the Federal Register yet, the answer is no. This gives the industry a little bit of extra time to digest all the details that are in the final rule. Luckily, HousingWire is hosting a Q&A expert webinar to make sure you have all the information you need to fully comply with the rule and properly conduct business.
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  • [Webinar] Hispennials: The lending group you’re missing but need

    Millennials eager to buy homes
    What happens when you combine two of the largest segments of potential borrowers? You get Hispennials. Right now, they are a largely unreached market that needs lenders help on how to better fit their needs. Hurry and sign up for HousingWire’s latest webinar in order to learn more. Webinar is wednesday at 1 p.m. CST.
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