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  • House committee passes bill to end homelessness

    And four other bills
    Last week, the House Financial Services Committee held a markup of five bills, one of which addresses homelessness in the U.S. If it passes in the Senate, HR 1856, the Ending Homelessness Act, would provide $13.27 billion in new funding over the next five years to federal programs and initiatives to prevent homelessness.
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  • Microsoft pledges $500 million to address Seattle's affordable housing problem

    Aims to lessen negative impact of tech boom on Seattle residents
    Microsoft has pledged $500 million to fund the construction of affordable housing in the Seattle area. The effort is a move to address criticism that tech companies have pushed out lower income residents, as an influx of well-paid tech employees have descended on the area, driving up home prices and making Seattle one of the most expensive cities to live in the nation.
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  • HUD continues to report increases in homelessness

    But veteran, family homelessness goes down in 2018
    Like last year, the Department of Housing and Urban Development reported yet another annual increase in homelessness. While this increase is discouraging, HUD pointed out that veteran homelessness and homelessness among families with children is going down.
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  • Homelessness accelerates in expensive rental markets

    In many markets, rent burden exceeds 32% threshold
    As more and more Americans become rent burdened, the homeless rates in the nation’s most unaffordable markets continue to grow, according to the latest data from Zillow. Zillow Director of Economic Research and Outreach Skylar Olsen said that although the nation’s homelessness rate has fallen, some communities are still grappling with affordability.
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  • Maxine Waters promises change if selected to lead Financial Services Committee

    Plans to spotlight affordable housing
    During the midterm elections Tuesday, Democrats took control of the House, while Republicans kept the Senate. As current ranking member, it is likely that Waters will take over as chairwoman of the Financial Services Committee. And she is already making promises for change, if she is selected to lead.
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  • FHLBank Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency partner to deliver funding to fight homelessness

    The two entities will provide $4.5 million to Pennsylvania organizations that fight homelessness and promote affordable housing
    Federal Home Loan Bank Pittsburgh and the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency are partnering to create fund programs that help fight homelessness and assist people at risk of losing their housing. Home4Good, a housing entity aimed at ending homelessness in the state of Pennsylvania, just got $4.5 million from FHLBank Pittsburgh and the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to fund its launch.
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  • Trump’s proposed 2019 budget gives HUD’s funding a boost

    Seeks a record $2.4 billion to support homelessness
    President Donald Trump announced today his proposal for the fiscal year 2019 budget, which would allot for a slight bump in funding for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Under the new proposal, the administration focuses on several key initiatives, including ending homelessness.
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  • Mayors of 14 major cities, CEOs want more federal money for affordable housing, homeless services

    Launch Mayors & CEOs for U.S. Housing Investment
    The mayors of 14 major cities are joining with a number of CEOs to call on the federal government to invest more money into affordable housing and homeless services. The group includes the mayors of Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco, California; Mesa and Phoenix, Arizona; Little Rock, Arkansas; Aurora and Denver, Colorado; Washington, D.C.; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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