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  • Americans’ confidence in housing reaching a plateau

    But there's still optimism about direction of economy
    Americans are growing less confident in housing, and experts wonder if, after years of climbing, their confidence is hitting a plateau. However, Fannie Mae explained consumers expressed increased optimism about the direction of the economy and their personal financial situations over the next year.
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  • Homeowners and appraisers close 2017 more in agreement than in the past 2 years

    Appraised values still coming in lower than homeowner estimates
    As 2017 came to a close, homeowners continued to estimate their home prices below appraised values, however they were more in agreement than anytime in the past two years. Quicken Loans shows after a drop at the beginning of 2017, appraised values and homeowner estimates have continued to edge closer together, narrowing the gap.
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  • Consumers remain too optimistic when estimating home value

    But becoming more realistic
    Quicken Loans finds homeowners continue to overestimate their home values, however they are narrowing the gap as appraised home values grow. Homeowner perception varied widely from one region to the next, as appraisal values ranged from 3% higher than homeowner estimates in the West to 3% lower in the Midwest and Northeast.
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  • Homeowners get better at predicting home prices for first time in months

    Home values jumped more than 5% annually
    Appraised home values increased in June, and homeowners’ expectations grew closer to appraised values for the first time in months. And as home prices increased across the U.S., the only region that didn’t show an increase in appraisal values from last month was the Northeast, where prices declined from last month.
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  • Are you overestimating your home value?

    That might depend on where you live
    Many homeowners are overestimating the value of their home, with their estimates coming in above appraised values. And that gap grew even wider in February. However, this is much less true for homeowners on the west coast, where home prices are rising faster than homeowners can keep up with.
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